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Donna Canale


Combining a warm and humorous  performance with heart rending songs, Donna Canale is an original and striking Songstress. Since the early 1990s, she has entranced listeners with her mellow songs and Joni style harmonies. She's a well rounded and experienced acoustic singer- songwriter, with an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, pop and acoustic influences.  She effortlessly straddles a variety of styles whilst sharing her sharp-witted  take on the human condition and documenting her own wild ride through life. (Cover shot credit: Carl Proctor)

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Scottish born songstress Donna Canale set to release new music.

Originally from Aberdeen but settled in London, Donna’s music career has spanned the last 3 decades in a variety of guises. 

Her eclectic career as a Guest Artist and Session Vocalist and  has meant that she has toured the UK, Europe and Japan with  a variety of top Big Bands, worked with British Jazz artists, and even had a couple of Pop Chart busting hits with ‘Mucho Mambo (Sway)’ and’ Mambo Italiano’ for the dance act ‘Shaft’. 

Her first Solo CD ‘Thinking of You’ was released in 2002 to critical acclaim and gained 4 stars from reviews such as The Guardian and Musician magazine. 

Touring life brought its own trials and tribulations, but as an artist, Donna 

has managed to tap into the complexities of music making, marriage, and motherhood  and has turned these varied life events into a wonderful collection of songs which are always highly relatable and often, heart rendingly poignant.

There’s something about being in front of an audience that drives Donna to share her innermost thoughts and feelings on stage…

”I feel compelled to connect on a personal level with my audience which gives them the freedom to laugh and occasionally cry along with my tales, and songs of sorrow and joy. 

During the coronavirus lockdown I’ve come full circle, and I’ve re-discovered the beauty of writing using just guitar and voice but with the added twist of home recording techniques to mix in some different textures.  These new songs are little stories which have told themselves to me along the way and I can’t wait to share them.

Returning to the simplicity of an acoustic stage setting, whether it be solo or with a hand-picked band of fellow musicians, feels ever more relevant in today's over stimulated, tech saturated world. It’s good to get the grass roots under my feet again and to see the faces of a real-time audience up close”.

Donna is currently recording a new album which will be ready for release in 2022. She plans to get back out on tour, bringing her unique songs and stories to all corners of the UK and beyond.  

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Waltz for the Girls

Single Release - August 2021

New Single 'Waltz for the girls is a beguiling, folk influenced song with a lilting waltz rhythm. 
The uplifting soundscape created in this song is a subtle blend of gentle mandolin, guitar and piano which steadily swells into a fully orchestrated 2nd chorus, drawing an emotive response from the listener.   
Describing her inspiration for the song, Donna says “There is no love like love for your children. This song came out almost as a lullaby and describes the language and narratives used when tucking your small children into bed at night. It’s a special little ritual that anyone can relate to in terms of either being that ‘once upon a time’ child or a parent themselves. ”

The Porcupine sessions

June 1995

The 'Demo Years' - Much of Donna's sound developed during the mid 90s when she recorded  music at Porcupine Studios in London. Donna produced these songs with the help of brilliant engineer/producer Nick Taylor The  musicians featured are -  Donna Canale (Vocals Acoustic Guitar) Chris Thompson (Fretless Bass), Steph Rushton (Drums/Perc), Bruce Knapp (Acoustic guitar), Clive Dunstall (Piano/Keys), Alastair Marshal (Acoustic/Electric Guitar)


Thinking Of You

November 2002

Critically acclaimed album 'Thinking of You' was released on the 33Jazz label back in 2002. The record contains a well balanced collection of original songs, reworked jazz and 'unplugged' pop covers which create an interesting sound tapestry.

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ST Albans, UK

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